Funny Floor Mats

If you think floor mats are boring, then we’re here to prove you wrong. We’ve put together a collection of funny floor mats from across the internet that have given us a good laugh!

Floor mats aren’t just rubber and fabric – they can make a statement. At Carpet Rentals, we provide custom logo mats, message mats and slogan mats. Check out these funny floor mats for inspiration, and then give us a call! What better way to show your customers that you have a sense of humor?




You can’t go wrong with a hilarious pun. Your guests will be rolling their eyes but they’ll also be smiling.




Protecting your business from thieves and making your customers laugh at the same time? Yes, please.




Now that’s funny right there.




Simple, terrifying and humorous, all at the same time.




You really can’t make too many jokes about this name. All Matt jokes are welcome.




This only works if you have a dog, but it’s so funny that we had to include it anyway.




Draw your customers in with a sense of mystery.




Floor mats and Adele are the perfect combination. Who knew?



Need help creating your own serious or funny floor mat?

Whether you’re looking for a floor mat with a sense of humor or a floor mat on the more serious side, Carpet Rentals can create it for you. We can meet the needs for a wide variety of slogan and message floor mats. Choose from a wide range of sizes and rest assured that your building will be protected from accidents, with our mats’ nitrile rubber and slip resistant backings. Our digital designs include custom messages for greetings, holidays, drug prevention, food/beverage areas, and much more.

Carpet Rentals offers these mats to provide important messages to your customers and employees while capturing dirt and moisture, reducing slip and fall accidents, and assisting in maintaining a reduced cost in floor maintenance.

Have you picked a floor mat message yet that perfectly reflects your business? Let us help! Contact Carpet Rentals today.


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