Product Spotlight: Outdoor Scraper Floor Mats

An outdoor scraper mat placed in an entryway

When needing to protect employees and customers in your facility, the details are what matter the most. Having outside scraper mats included in your mat program is essential when it comes to keeping things safe and clean.

Investing in commercial floor mat rentals will transform your facility and provide you with a more attractive and multi-functional entryway. Not only can you brand your logo on an outside scraper mat, you can also prevent slip and fall accidents, reduce maintenance costs and protect your flooring from wear and tear. Due to its super scraping abilities, this specialty mat can be the safe solution your facility has been looking for.

Keep the Dirt, Moisture and Debris Outside

An upclose image of an outside scraper floor mat

When customers walk into your facility, more often than not they are bringing the outside in. This is because dirt, moisture and debris can be trapped in the bottom of shoes and then transferred onto your facility floors. On days where inclement weather occurs, this issue and the risks it presents can only make matters worse. The outdoor scraper mat provides an easy solution to this problem. The mats are designed and equipped with molded tread surface cleats that make it easy to scrape away debris. This way, when a customer enters, the bottom on their shoes are clean and your floors will remain protected. This mat stops dirt at the door, keeps customers safe, and can reduce your facility maintenance costs.

Added Features and Benefits

A specialty floor mat placed outside of an entryway

  • Scrapes tough dirt and grime off feet.
  • Includes anti-fatigue properties
  • Made with 100% durable nitrile rubber
  • Provides a slip-resistant surface
  • Can include safety messages, a welcome message, or custom logo
  • Choose from grease resistant style or general purpose style
  • Ideal for outside entrances and production areas
  • They are ADA, NFSI, and OSHA compliant.

These mats are available in the following sizes: 3×5 and 4×6.

Are you looking for more ways to protect your facility floors? Check out more of our commercial floor mats!

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