Protect your Entryways: Traditional Walk Off Floor Mats

When trying to decide which type of mat would be best for your facility, it’s important to know each of the functions they serve. Are you looking for a mat that protects your entryways and keeps your facility floor clean? Traditional walk off mats could be the perfect solution for you.

Traditional walk off floor mats can be categorized as commercial floor mats that scrape away the dust, dirt and debris from the bottom of shoes. Whether you have a facility that experiences a low or high volume of people, these mats can be an added benefit to ensure a clean and safe environment. See below how a traditional walk off floor mat in your facility can transform the overall well-being of all customers who walk through the doors.

Why Does My Facility Need One?

Traditional walk off mats can be beneficial to your facility in many ways. According to The World-Wide Cleaning Industry Association, it is estimated that 60 percent or more of bacteria and debris are carried into a building from the shoes of visitors alone. This means without the proper matting in place to trap the dirt and moisture from entering your building, your facility floors can become dirty, damaged and even cause a potential slip and fall accident. Not only can these mats save you money on cleaning costs, they also send a message of a facility that is properly managed and taken care of. On days where the weather is rainy and wet, it gives your customers a place to wipe their feet and regain the gripping on the bottom of their shoes. Traditional walk of mats can be the easiest solution when it comes to meeting your important facility needs.

The Best Uses

A Traditional walk off floor mat placed in an entryway

Traditional walk off mats can be used anywhere in your facility where there will be foot traffic. In order to map out specific areas to place these mats, first start with the entryways. Placing these mats in the interior of entrances creates a perfect area for customers to leave the dirt and grime behind. Once you have the entrances covered you can focus on areas that need extra gripping or areas that tend to get dirtier than the others. Being able to fully distribute these mats around will create a safe and secure area for employees and customers to enjoy.

Options We Offer

See below two of the main categories of traditional walk off floor mats we offer and the features and benefits they provide.

Classic Brush Floor Mats

Classic brush floor mats are made with two differeent types of fibers; traditional and abrasive. With this combination, you can assure that the fibers are sturdy and will not crush after repetitive use and laundering. These mats are also safe to use around electronic equipment and can easiliy complement your facility floors and entryways.

Classic Solutions Floor Mats

The classic solutions floor mat comes with high twist yarn that can also resist crushing. The high twist yarn traps dirt and debris for the ultimate soil stopping solution. It is also embedded with 100 percent nitrile rubber to ensure a grip that is ensured not to slip!

Are you interested in the featured traditional walk off mats or interested in more of the options we can offer?

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