Message mats are mats that convey “greetings, holidays, drug prevention, patriotic, motivational, quality, safety, food/beverage areas, décor, lottery, and other messages.”

Features and Benefits

  • Mats are offered in a variety of themes and come with round corners
  • Static dissipative nylon yarn treated with stain resistant technology
  • Embedded in 100% nitrile rubber backing for increased slip and skid resistance

Carpet Rentals, Inc. offers these mats that provide important messages to your customers and employees while capturing dirt and moisture, reducing slip and fall accidents, and assisting in maintaining a reduced cost in floor maintenance.

Available size range

3×5 & 4×6

The digital designs provide a greater color variation with enhanced images and finer details.

Slogan & Message Mats coffee
Slogan & Message Mats produce

When visitors first enter your building, what is the first thing they see? For those who have logo floor mats, these customers will right away visualize your brand or company logo. Create a custom floor mat for your business for a lasting impression is critical in retaining the right clientele. We have a wide variety of floor mats that will wow your customers and also keep your facility cleaner.

Featured Categories

Logo Floor Mats

Create your very own logo floor mat, illustrating your message, slogan, or name to customers. Visitors can identify your brand or logo within seconds of walking into your facility. Let our art department assemble a one of a kind floor mat that will prevent slip and fall accidents, better maintain your facility, and market your brand all at the same time!

Slogan & Message Floor Mats

Is it necessary to portray certain important safety or greeting messages to your customers or employees? If so, we carry a wide variety of slogan and message floor mats. Choose from a wide range of sizes and rest assured that your building will be protected from accidents, with the nitrile rubber and slip resistant backings. Our digital designs include custom messages for greetings, holidays, drug prevention, food/beverage areas, and much more.

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Slogan & Message Floor Mats Sales & Service

Slogan & Message Floor Mats

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