The Benefits of a Commercial Restroom Supply Service

Are you considering getting a commercial restroom supplies service for your business? Is it something you’ve been thinking about for a while but are not sure is right for your business?

Fret no more. We prepared this list of benefits to help you make the right choice!

Why You Should Get a Commercial Restroom Supply Service

Toilet paper products, hand sanitizers, and air fresheners may seem like minor concerns in the grand scheme of running a business, but they have the massive impact of a clean, well-stocked restroom on your sales and customer retention especially if you are in the hospitality and service industries.

Having to restock your restroom supplies seems like an easy task but when you have to do it constantly, and when your customer base eventually grows, quick, last-minute runs to the supermarket are simply not enough to keep up with the demand and risk, leaving your restrooms in a neglected state.

Here’s how a reliable commercial restroom supplies service partner can help you get several steps ahead:

1. Convenience.

Restroom supplies service providers like Carpet Rentals devise special strategies to make sure that you always have a reliable supply of paper and other restroom products. These strategies are in place so you never have to run out of essential products or break a sweat just to keep up with the demands of your customers’ basic needs. Partnering with a reliable company helps make restroom management easier, more convenient, and so much better for your personnel and clients alike.

2. Consistently high-quality products.

Companies like Carpet Rentals employ the highest standards in the quality control of the products we offer. Working with us takes the guessing game out of picking the right products with which to stock your business’ restrooms.

3. Professional-quality supplies and dispensers.

Nothing looks more unimpressive than rolls of toilet paper lying around or touching the surfaces of your toilets, not to mention how amateur and unprofessional store-bought bottles of hand soaps and sanitizers look in commercial restrooms. Instead, choose a simple upgrade to professional-grade sanitizers and dispensers.

4. Hygiene boost.

Hygiene, in most public spaces, is the beginning of proper hygiene. Providing your restroom users with a constant supply of top-quality hand hygiene products as well as keeping your restrooms at their cleanest with the use of air fresheners and urinal mats not only leaves a great impression but most importantly helps ward off the spread of diseases and infections.

5. Cost-efficiency.

One of the biggest and most common misconceptions people have about hiring commercial restroom supplies is that it so much costlier compared to managing restroom supplies needs in-house. This could not be more wrong. In the hands of the right supplier, you save up by buying in bulk not to mention you save up on the transportation costs involved in buying supplies on your own. And with punctual restocking, you would also be saving on time, allowing you and your personnel to focus more on your core services and tasks.

The Key to Getting the Best Commercial Restroom Supplies

The only way to actually get restroom supply services that would be worth the risk and the cost is to find a company that has a good reputation and industry experience, like Carpet Rentals!

Carpet Rentals has over 50 years of expertise, providing hundreds of local companies within our service locations with guaranteed excellence in service delivery and product quality.

Carpet Rentals is the key to managing your restroom needs more efficiently. See for yourself or learn more about how we can help your business – call us today at 1-800-346-6287 to speak with our customer service representatives! Or, click here to check out our commercial restroom supply products!


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