The Essential Cleaning Tools and Cleaning Supplies Checklist Your Business Needs

Whether you’re in the restaurant or food service business or you run a small office of employees, cleanliness is something that cannot be neglected. A clean business space can, after all, mean improved employee productivity and customer retention.

We’ve created this checklist to help you make sure you have everything that you need to keep your business space clean.

This list includes most of the essential cleaning tools that you’ll need and the cleaning supplies to kill bacteria that can get your customers and employees sick.

Below, you’ll see there is a space for you to consider information regarding your business’ cleaning setup. This is because every business is different, so you may need to add to this list, or consider the amount of each supply you’ll need.

Aside from that, happy cleaning!

Cleaning Tools

❏ A Broom and Dustpan

❏ Dish Cloths

❏ Microfiber Mops and Pads

❏ Paper Towels

❏ Rubber Gloves

❏ A Good Double-Sided Sponge or Scrub Brush

❏ Spray Bottles

❏ Steel Wool

❏ A Toilet Brush

❏ Towels

❏ Trash Bags

❏ A Vacuum Cleaner

❏ A Wet Mop and Bucket

❏ Extra Tools

Cleaning Supplies/Cleaners:

❏ An All-Purpose Cleaner

❏ Baking Soda

❏ Lightly Abrasive Cleaner with Bleach for the Bathroom

❏ Dish Soap/Dishwashing Liquid

❏ Distilled White Vinegar

❏ Hand Soap

❏ Extra Supplies/Cleaners

Now that you have a good idea of the essential cleaning tools and supplies to stock up on, you may be starting to wonder what to do with all these supplies once you have them. As you get started cleaning your business, you may realize it’s going to take more than just one deep clean to get your business looking its greatest. That’s why as you’re getting started gathering your supplies, you should start considering what it will take to make sure your business space stays clean! Here are some of our tips for a successfully clean business:

1. Start cleaning!

This one might seem obvious, but it’s one thing to obtain the supplies and it’s another thing to actually use them. Aim for a daily cleaning plan where each employee knows what their responsibilities are in keeping the space clean. Outline what is expected of each employee and make sure they all have a copy of this outline to refer back to if they’re ever not sure what to do.

2. Start each morning with a spot clean.

While the business should always be cleaned before closing, it is always beneficial if the person who is starting the opening shift double-checks and makes sure that everything is clean and looking great in case anything was missed or forgotten the night before. Scan the entire space for anything that might look disturbing to the customer or distracting to employees. This could be mildew on the bathroom sink, specks of dirt on the floor, trash that needs to be taken out, etc. For anything that may not be visible by the eye, it can’t hurt to quickly clean the toilet or spray down counters if the employee has some extra time in the morning to do so. Some of the most important areas to take care of (unless you work in a restaurant, which would then include your kitchen as well) are your floors and your bathrooms.

3. Work with a cleaning supply rental program.

Staying on top of when new essential cleaning tools are needed is critical. Not to mention, you need quality tools that will give your business space that true clean you are looking for. Acquiring these tools and making sure they are always available for use is simple when you work with Carpet Rentals. Our cleaning supply rental programs are widespread. We can help you with towel services, apron rentals, floor mats, floor mops and supplies for your restroom(s) such as pull paper products, hand soap and more. If your business is in need of quality cleaning tools, simply call us at Carpet Rentals at 1-800-346-6287.

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