Commercial Floor Mat Purchasing Guide

If you didn’t know it yet, floor mats are an investment. The return is cleaner, safer, and longer-lasting floors that will save you tons and tons of dollars on floor renovations and slip-and-fall lawsuits. In some cases, mats can even help boost your team’s productivity.

But not all mats are made equal. Some are made to specially suit more specific needs. And the right choice in size, type, and commercial mat service provider can help give you the results and floor protection that you need.

So, we’ve prepared a set of four essential questions that will help guide you in your commercial floor mat purchases. Check them out before buying!

1. What do you need the mats for?

Purpose is the very first thing that should help you decide which type of mats you should buy. Are you looking for basic floor mats? Are you looking for reinforced protection against dirt and debris? Or do you want floor mats for advertising purposes?  Do you need them indoors or outdoors? There are so many options out there and it can get overwhelming. Start with the purpose in mind to guide your commercial floor mat shopping.

2. What size do you need?

The right size of mats will make sure that you get the best coverage for your floors. Commercial floor mats can come in sizes as small as 2×3 to 5×10 for larger specialty floor mats like anti-fatigue Comfort Flow Mats. Smaller floor mats are ideal for classic brush mats while larger ones are ideal sizes for areas that need more coverage like anti-fatigue mats in manufacturing rooms and commercial kitchens.  

3. What are your options?

There are a whole host of floor mat options for different businesses and purposes. Here are your options:

 + Custom logo mats and slogan mats – fully customizable colors and designs, digitally printed and treated for stain resistance; they are embedded with 100% nitrile backing for skid- and slip-resistance.

 + Anti-fatigue floor mats – designed to relieve lower leg and back stress with added anti-microbial agents to protect against contamination, making them perfect for commercial kitchens and food production rooms. Reinforced anti-slip, anti-skid, and anti-static properties and resistance to oil, grease, and chemicals.  

 + Cotton Mat Floor Mats – made of cotton yarn and are oil-resistant.

 + Outside Scraper Floor Mats – ideal for entryways and production areas, these types of mats are designed to effectively scrape off dirt and grime trapped in the soles of shoes. They are also reinforced with nitrile rubber backing for improved slip-resistance.

 + Classic Brush Mats – feature highly-abrasive nylon fibers that are not only great for scraping off dirt and grime from shoes but are also known to last multiple washings, giving you more value for your investment.

4. Where should I get them?

Get your mat rental services from a company that has a longstanding record and reputation for quality. They have not been around the market long enough for nothing. It is also important for you to choose a company that specializes in floor mats – they are more likely to have the right facilities and equipment for mat repair, cleaning, and maintenance.

And while it may seem counterproductive for your purpose of saving money, renting your mats is actually going to give more value to your cash. While buying mats may seem cheaper, renting will help keep the costs of maintenance and replacements down.

Get your mats from Carpet Rentals.

Carpet Rentals has been around since 1966, serving and satisfying the floor mat needs of countless businesses in the Carolinas. Our mats are all compliant with the standards set by the National Floor Safety Institute and we have a group of some of the most competitive and caring floor mat consultants who would be more than happy to help you get the best type and size of floor mats for your needs.

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