Where to Place Gym Mats in Your Fitness Center

When you initially think of gym mats, you may simply think of your yoga and fitness mats. But gym mats are so much more than that. Your fitness center needs more than just mats for working out or holding your equipment in place.

You also need mats to keep your business clean, market your gym, and protect your employees’ productivity. Therefore, when it comes to acquiring gym mats, deciding where to place them doesn’t simply stop at where to put your yoga and fitness mats. There are a variety of other gym mats your fitness center needs and they may not be what you expect them to be.


We’re talking about anti-fatigue mats and custom mats. But what are these, why do you need them and where are they supposed to go in your business space?


What Are Anti-Fatigue Mats?


While the idea in the gym is to stay active, having your employees stand on the hard tile floor of your gym all day isn’t actually good for them, as this can create muscle fatigue and lower back pain. And ultimately this pain can lead to a reduction in productivity and potentially even them having to take extra time off to recover. Standing at the front desk is still a healthy alternative to sitting though, and while you may consider offering seating in case your employees need to sit down, there is the inevitable fact that your employees are going to need to stand on the job.


That’s where anti-fatigue mats come in. They help reduce the pain associated with standing for long periods of time by creating tiny movements in the feet, leading the individual to continually shift their weight. This reduces strain because all of their weight isn’t being placed onto one area of the body.


Where Do You Place Anti-Fatigue Gym Mats?


These mats belong anywhere where your employees are going to be standing for extended periods of time. The clear choice would be your front desk but you may also require mats where your fitness instructors stand as they monitor group fitness classes.


What Are Custom Mats?


Custom mats are not simply mats that contain your business’ logo – you can use these mats to create any aesthetic you are looking for, right at your business’ entryway. This could be your logo indeed but could also include a message or slogan you want your business to promote.


The purpose of these mats to your fitness center isn’t just to look great though. They are also excellent tools to pick up dirt as clients are entering your fitness center, to help promote the cleanliness of your floors. And the message or logo that you put on them is the image clients are going to remember about your business. Think of them as your fitness center’s first impression of your clients!


Where Do You Place Custom Gym Mats?


These mats are a must for your front entryway! We recommend placing them on the inside of your fitness center, right at your front doors so that they don’t get wet or ruined by the potential onslaught of rain from being kept outside.


The fitness industry is a unique business space to work in, but that doesn’t make your gym immune to the same potential hazards other businesses deal with, such as dirty floors, negative first impressions and fatigued employees.


Make sure you get all of the gym mats you need, not just exercise mats. Contact us today at Carpet Rentals to learn more about the gym mats we offer through our high-quality rental programs, available to your fitness center! Simply give us a call at 1-800-346-6287.



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