Celebrating the Holidays in the Carolinas

Celebrate the holidays with the unique warmth and hospitality of the South! Here is the best lineup of holiday and Christmas events in NC and SC for 2018.

Holiday and Christmas Events in NC and SC 2018

1. Explore the historic city of Charleston and bask in its old-world charm.

See the historic city of Charleston decked out in holiday decor! Take a trip down memory lane with a walking tour of the city’s historic district dressed up for the holidays or take part in signature Charleston tea party private tours with local expert guides.

2. Bask in holiday sun, sea and sand at Myrtle Beach.

With the summer crowd long gone, Myrtle Beach is your perfect holiday destination in the Carolinas. If sitting on the beachfront and reflecting on your Yuletide tidings is not your thing, there are countless indoor water parks and aquariums to explore that will surely delight kids of all ages. If that is not fun enough for you, Myrtle Beach has got a whole range of other activities lined up for the winter holidays.

3. Get a headstart on holiday merriment in Aiken, SC.

The town of Aiken is not shy about starting their holiday preparations early, earning them a spot on our list of the best holiday and Christmas events in NC and SC. Aiken’s holiday season officially starts on Thanksgiving morning with the Blessing of the Hounds in Hitchcock Woods. This officially ushers in a whole slew of other activities to last beyond Christmastime and until the start of the New Year. Take your pick from all the classic Christmas lighting activities and Festival of Lights or trees if you will. Aiken is also the best place to unravel your creativity with all the crafting and art workshops scheduled during the holiday season.

4. Christmas at the Biltmore.

There is no such thing as overdone when it comes to celebrating the holidays at America’s largest house, the Biltmore Estate. This staple among the staples of holiday and Christmas events in NC features over 55 Christmas trees and hundreds upon hundreds of wreaths and other Christmas trinkets from the floor to the ceiling of just about every single room of this massive estate. And the best part is, they offer a different experience for daytime visitors and magically transform to another for evening tours. As they say at the Biltmore, “make yourself right at home” especially this Christmas!

5. All aboard the Polar Express!

No Christmas in North Carolina is ever complete without hitching a ride aboard the magical Polar Express! The whole trip lasts 1 hour and 15 minutes with special warm cocoa and holiday treats and a ride-along with Santa on the way to the North Pole. The steam train departs at Bryson City’s City Depot starting November 9th. Don’t forget to wear your Christmas pajamas!

6. Christmas at the Charlotte Speedway.

We wrap up this list of holiday and Christmas events in NC and SC with no less than one of the most high-energy events of the holidays in the Carolinas this year: Speedway Christmas! This annual event by the Charlotte Motor Speedway is now on its 9th year and is bigger than it’s ever been. It features the usual drive-through lightshow – all 3.75 miles of driving course and more than 3 million lights to delight children and adults alike. As an added treat, this Charlotte holiday favorite also has a spectacular Christmas village complete with a Ferris Wheel!

Break out your calendars and start planning your holidays around these unforgettable holiday and Christmas events in NC and SC! Happiest of holidays from your friends here at Carpet Rentals!


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