Mat Maintenance: Insider Tips and Tricks

With a reliable mat rental program from Carpet Rentals, mat maintenance is hardly a topic of discussion. We pick up your mats and launder them regularly, returning them to you in perfect condition. But if good mats (like ours) are really doing their job, they get dirty frequently and need attention in-between service visits.

Clumps of dirt, leaves and other large particles get scraped from the bottoms of shoes and stay on the surface of the mat. You don’t want your customers seeing that, or worse, stepping in it. Some light mat maintenance may be required to keep your mats looking their best every single day. Here are three mat maintenance tips that will help keep your mats and your facility in top form:

1. Vacuum/sweep the mat every day.

While you don’t need to deep-clean your mats (you can leave that to us!), your mats should be swept and/or vacuumed every day to remove surface dirt and moisture. This will eliminate visible dirt. While just sweeping during the summer should be enough, vacuuming your mats is important during the winter because of all of the residual moisture from snow and ice that gets trapped inside the mat. Daily vacuuming and/or sweeping will help maintain the appearance of your mats and will improve the mat’s absorbency.

2. Be careful when cleaning around your mat.

If moisture from mopping gets underneath your mat, it could damage the floor underneath. If feasible, remove mats when cleaning your floors, unless you’re just sweeping up. Also, be careful with floor polishing machines and don’t get too close to the mat or you could destroy its edges, leaving customers and employees more vulnerable to tripping and falling.

3. If you have to move your mat, roll it, don’t fold it.

If you need to remove your mat while cleaning your floors or for other reasons, make sure to roll it up instead of folding it. Folding could cause compromise the structure of the mat, while rolling makes mats not only easier to carry but also less likely to suffer damage.

Contact Us for More Mat Maintenance Wisdom

At Carpet Rentals, mat maintenance is our entire job. Leave the deep cleaning and repairs to the mat experts! Get in touch with us today to learn more about how we make mat maintenance easy with our mat rental programs. Clean floors are just a phone call or click away.


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