The Mopster: A Microfiber Bucketless Mop System

Are you tired of the dirt, dust and debris that traditional sweeping may leave behind? When owing, or operating a facility, the after effects of sweeping could cause potential hazards for both employees and customers.

These hazards can lead to injuries, facility maintenance issues, and possibly even a slip and fall accident. Therefore, the need for an efficient, quick and economical solution for sweeping large floor areas is more crucial then ever. The Mopster™; a microfiber bucketless mop system is the missing piece to your facility maintenance plan. See below how The Mopster™ can transform the way you sweep and take care of your facility.

Reduce Maintenance Costs

Money Saved with The Mopster

Did you know that an estimated 90% of building maintenance costs is labor? When so much money is devoted to keeping your facility and floors neat and clean, it’s important to have products that make the job easy. Having inadequate maintenance supplies means only more time, money and effort put into a job that should be quick and easy. The Mopster™ reduces maintenance costs by eliminating the need for expensive sweepers. The Mopster™ can be easily modified to fit any forklift so that it creates a powerful sweeper that can sweep up to 140,000 square feet per hour. Not only will your employees thank you, your customers will be greeted with a clean facility and your maintenance costs will be reduced.

The Unique Design

The Unique Design

The best thing about using microfiber mops and pads is their ability to trap and hold onto dirt, dust and debris. The Mopster™ is an environmentally friendly tool that can eliminate airborne dust which then improves indoor air quality. The v-shape layout of the mop head eliminates dirt while retaining and transporting the debris to the center of the unit. The mop heads are reversible so you will be able to use them for a long period before they need to be laundered. The extended spring action heads and the floating arms are main reasons why The Mopster™ has enhanced sweeping capabilities. Since it is also made from rugged steel and cast iron, you will be assured a durable and high quality system that means hours of dependable service.

How Your Facility Can Benefit

The Mopster Improves Indoor Air Quality

Your facility can benefit from The Mopster™ in many different ways. For one, your customers will always be greated with a clean and positive first impression of your facility. When also paired with a commercial mat rental service, your facility will remain clean and your customers will feel safe. In return, your facility or business can reap the positive rewards that come from this. The Mopster™ will also make labor easier to maintain and less costly in the long run. Since this sweeper does an excellent job of removing dirt, dust and debris, your floors will be protected and will last longer. You will expirence the benefits of convinence because The Mopster™ includes a pick up and delivery service. This means you’ll receive clean mop heads on a regualr basis. The Mopster™ is quick, efficient, economical and environmentally friendly.


Are you ready to transform the way you sweep?


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