The Brand Recognition Benefits of Logo Mats

If you own or operate a facility commercial mats could be the key component to ensuring safety for both employees and customers. These mats can often be overlooked but if implemented properly can keep your floors clean, protected and safe.

They can stop dirt, moisture and debris from entering your facility by effectively scraping and cleaning the bottom of shoes. This simple act alone can greatly reduce the chance of slip and fall accidents occurring in your facility. Not only can they protect your facility, they can also leave a long lasting first impression. Logo floor mats perform double duty by protecting your facility and displaying your business message, slogan or name in print. Discover below the added benefits and features that logo mats can offer your facility.

First Impressions Are Lasting Impressions

logo mat placed in a facility

Utilizing logo floor mats in your facility is an easy way to boost your marketing campaign. When customers enter through your facility they are immediately greeted with your company slogan, message or name. These mats can now be used as a promotional item that serves more than one purpose. Not only are these mats pleasing to the eye, they also promote a positive first impression. Displaying mats that contain logos can represent the services you intend to promote. This opens a line of communication between your customer and facility and shows your commitment. When your clean facility portrays the messages, your customers will feel welcomed, safe and secure within your business.

How to Use Logo Mats Effectively

Branding a business with the use of logo mats

When considering a logo mat for your facility there are a few things you should keep in mind. It’s a good idea to include the logo of your company or business. Try to keep the design simple yet captivating enough to catch the customer’s attention. They should be easily seen and easy to understand. Your logo mats should be high quality and bought from a professional company with industry experience. This way you know your custom mats will be created and placed with care, customer representation and safety in mind.

Features and Benefits

logo mat utilized in a Hilton Hotel

Carpet Rentals offers an endless selection of options for you to choose from. You can decide between numerous custom design features to create something you are proud to display to your customers. They are reproduced in fine detail, fades and 3D images. We offer 25 standard colors and 300 accent color selection opportunities. Our mats are treated with stain reistant technology and embedded with 100 percent nitrile rubber backing.

Make your business and logo stand out by exploring a logo mat for your facility today!
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