Why Slip and Falls Happen in the Summer Too

When it comes to slip and fall accidents, summer isn’t usually the season that many facility owners worry about. This is because seasons like winter and spring bring harsher weather hazards like snow, ice and rain.

Although summer brings sunshine, it doesn’t mean you don’t have to worry about preventing slip and falls. Slip and fall accidents can damage your business and reputation and can even cause injury to customers and employees. Since we know how important safety and prevention is, we decided to outline why slip and falls happen in the summer too.

Water Activities are Used to Beat the Heat

Beating the Summer Heat

When the weather starts to get warmer, more people go searching for ways to beat the summer heat. This often means gravitating towards facilities that have public water activities available. If your facility has a pool, hot tub, spa, or standard recreation areas, then you still need commercial mats in the summer. When people are engaging in water activities, they will be more prone to a slip and fall. With the excitement in the air, kids can especially be at risk. When running in and out of pools, children can slip and become injured. If you have the proper matting in place you can help prevent this from happening. Instead of providing a slippery walkway for them to navigate, you will instead be giving a clean and secure surface for them to stand on. Since you never know what puddle or wet surface may be around each corner, it’s important to prevent slip and falls by having commercial mats in place.

There are More People Out and About

High Traffic Facilities

Compared to other seasons, summer is a time where you can see lots of people out and about. Whether its children on summer break from school or parents just trying to entertain them, traffic is usually increased at this time. Unfortunately, with an increase in traffic also comes and increase in slip and fall accidents. When you have a large number of people walking in and out of your facility, commercial mats are crucial for ensuring safety. Mats will help prevent slip and falls when placed in entry areas. Not only will they prevent the dirt, dust and debris from being tracked through your facility floors, they will also scrape the bottom of shoes. This means on a day where the weather isn’t ideal, your facility and the people entering it will still be protected.

Past Seasons Have Left Their Mark

Commercial Mats Piedmont, NC

As we all await the warmer weather to arrive, we often have to deal with the after effects of seasons that have past. Even though harsh winter weather like snow and ice have been long gone, the hazards that have been left behind need to be addressed. With these kinds of conditions going on for months at a time, your walkways can become damaged. Once the snow melts, you may start to see the cracks, potholes and the missing pieces that have been left in its path. This is why summer is a good time to address these hazards. If mats are provided in these areas that are less than ideal, you will still be preventing. If you don’t have any safety precautions in place, these informalities can end up costing your facility more than you think.

Are you ready to prevent slip and falls this summer?

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