Would You Benefit from a Wet Mop or Dust Mop?

When it comes to cleaning up messes, there are two main types of mops to use, wet mops and dust mops. Both mops have different applications and are used to handle different kinds of messes.

It’s important to know when you should use each mop because incorrectly using one of them can lead to bigger messes. If you want to learn more about how these two different mops are used and which ones can benefit your facility, please continue reading.

The Wet Mop

A Wet Mop

You should use a wet mop when you need to clean up a spilled liquid that has dried up on the floor. To use a wet mop, you have to mix a cleaning solution in a bucket of water, and then you have to dip the mop inside so it can absorb the liquid. The additional moisture is needed in order to get the dried up liquids off the floor. Be aware of how much water you use, because if the floor becomes too wet you could run the risk of a slip and fall accident.

Our wet mops use looped ends, which guarantees that they can be used for a long time without the need for replacements. In addition, the tailbands used on our mops allow for easy control and make sure that tangling never becomes an issue.

The Dust Mop

Selection of Dust Mops

Dust mops are designed to catch things like dust, dirt, and hair that are scattered across the floor. No water is needed for this mop, as all you need to do is sweep it across the floor, and the mop will the pick up all kinds of substances. The dust mop can even be used for dusting walls and ceilings, thanks to its long handle.

Our dust mops’ pre-laundered yarn enhances their ability to pick up dirt and soil off the floor. Once you are done cleaning, all you have to do is take the mop outside and shake the dirt and dust off.

How Not to Use These Mops

It is important to know what messes you usually have to deal with, as there are certain things that an individual mop cannot do. For example, you cannot use a dust mop to clean up a spilled drink, as its yarn was not designed to absorb liquids. In addition, the dust mop’s yarn is not strong enough to clean any spilled liquids that have dried up.

On top of this, you should not use a wet mop to clean dust or dirt off the floor. When these materials get mixed in with the water in the mop, you could end up with muddy water in your mop. This will ultimately make the floor dirtier than it was when you started cleaning. If you have both kinds of mops, it would be a good idea to hit the floor with the dust mop first so you can avoid this issue.

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